5 Things Not To Say in Your First Rich Engineer Date

5 Things Not To Say in Your First Rich Engineer DateWhen you login to your first date search a potential rich or millionaire, you can start to build a serious relationship with the rich singles. There is no doubt that the first date will make you nervous, you pray everything will be OK, pray that he likes you. Of course, you might also have a lot of problems: what are you supposed to say? What not to say? Whether he would like to date with you, and so on?

In general, if you want to sell yourself very well with him, it will make people feel like a pushy salesperson. You look as if he were to sell yourself to him. As a matter of fact, it's a clever way to find your similarities, looking for the same hobby. Hobby is a great starting point. For example, you like skiing? Hiking? Tourism destination? Like books?

But it is also important to know the right thing to do is to avoid false premises. Several big taboo here you absolutely can't talk about in your first rich date.

No further about his personal life
The first date would be unwise to ask about each other's personal life. Or he is willing to take the initiative to mention his work or family life, then you can. If he has any children, and he mentioned his divorce, don't ask him why he failed marriage and what the name of his children is. Seems to be thoughtful, but you ask his family for a first date is not the right time. One thing need to pay attention to, if he mentioned that he's going through a divorce, just sympathy nodded, until you can put the conversation would shift to more light, more interesting and connectivity issues.

Don't ask his assets
Even if he has a lot of money and don't ask. But if they will discuss the different enterprises run successfully, they travel, what is their work, you can feel their assets are more abundant. Don't try to use the other to make up for their own economic costs. But if the rich people have agreed to meet for a first date with you, that means he is interested in you as a little, wait until after a few dates is the perfect time to negotiate when you look for what kind of allowance.

Don't be cell phone addicts
I know, now a lot of people cannot leave the mobile phone, want to understand a mobile phone anytime and anywhere. But the phone is very easily distracted, when you see your mobile phone to illuminate, you might really want to check you on Facebook, dynamic, do you have those new sets of friends, etc. But remember, the first date is best guarantee don't look at mobile phone, even if you want to see the time, ask him directly. It will make him feel strong sense of existence.

There is no SOB story
This is very important. Sad story never bring help to the first date, but more is joking. The other half of the rich people don't want to find a negative. When a person, you can discuss your financial problems. Yes, it is very good, discuss what is your budget and what you are looking for, let he immediately wanted to help you.

At the discretion of the really important
This is the first date, because you need two great mutual understanding, so ask questions to each other. Find a quiet place in the corner, don't interrupt when each other's speech. Such as he will ask why you joined the rich dating sites, but you can ask him the same question.

These small things are important when dating a rich single. If you decide to find a rich man, then join the online engineers dating site for millionaires or rich singles.

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